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Now you can effectively take control of the PTSD that is taking a toll on your life, your family, and your career.

PTSD Free is an easy to use PTSD management app for your smartphone from Stress Is Gone. 100% Certified by
The American Institute of Stress, PTSD Free syncs your phone and your stressors to provide instant relief for
your reaction.

Now you can live again, dream again, and achieve the goals that drove you before your courageous service for your country. Created by one of the world’s most innovative stress experts, a patriot giving back to those who have given so much for their fellow Americans - Stress Is Gone is completely free and radically effective.

In addition to the app, all veterans, active duty soldiers, and their families, receive a complimentary Membership. This helps you diminish the frequency and intensity of the PTSD reactions effecting your life, family, and career.

"As a Doctor of 14 years, prior service member, and Director for a Civilian Navy SEAL Training Program, I understand stress. Stress Is Gone LLC uses unique and innovative ways to help those seeking to manage emotional stressors. I have found their approach to be helpful with my patients overall sense of wellness and use the Stress Is Gone Program daily in my practice." - Dr. Stephen M. Erle

Soldier, are you ready to regain control? Let's get started.

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